Use of FMEA

Posted by Wan Naza at 2:31 PM
Historically, the engineers have done a good work of evaluating the functions and the form of products and of processes in the phase of the design. They have not always done so well in designing in reliability and quality.

The engineer uses safety factors as way of making sure that the design will work and it protected often user against product or absence in the process.According to the described in a recent article:

"a great factor of safety does not translate necessarily to a reliable product. In place, it often leads to redesigned the product with problems of the trustworthiness."

FMEA provides to the engineer a tool that can attend the reliable supplying, safe, the pleasant products and the processes of the client.

Since the FMEA aid the engineer identifies the potential product or lack of process, they can use it:
* They develop the product or the process requisites that limit to the minimum the probability of these absences.
* Evaluate the obtained requisites of the client or of other participants in the process of the design to make sure that these requisites do not introduce potential absences.
* They identify the characteristics of the design that they contribute to the absences and design them out of the system or limit to the minimum at least the effects that prove.
* They develop the methods and the procedures to develop and to prove the product / process to make sure that the absences have been eliminated successfully.
* He continues and handles the potential risks in the design. To continue the risks contributes to the development of the corporate memory and of the success of the future products also.
* Make sure that any absence that might happen should not damage or affects seriously client of the product / process.

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